Category Ao smith water heater status light wont come on

Ao smith water heater status light wont come on

This is the high efficiency unit with the atmospheric venting and air intake chamber. The problem is that the water heater is not working. There are "heating" and "open" flashing lights on the electronic control display, and I am having hard time figuring out the meaning, so I will try to troubleshoot it by myself and avoid calling the plumber or technician.

Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to AO Smith. Home Privacy Disclaimer Contact. All rights reserved home-water-heater. Aug 08, Rating flashing blue light by: Anonymous Have talked to my installer. He said this is the correct flashing for AO Smith hot water heater!!!!! The "heating" and "open" flashing light indicates that the problem might be the ignition or flame failure, the GAHH model reached the maximum number of retries so it is in locked out position, which is by default for one hour.

So, the solution might be easy which can be fixed without calling the plumber and if you are a handyman, or difficult which requires the technician or a licensed plumber.

If you decide to do it by yourself this is what to check and how to fix: Check is the gas supply available to the water heater is it on and is the gas pressure according to the recommendations.

Check also the manifold pressure and if it is off by more than 75 Pa, replace the lower control. Make sure that the voltage is also according to the manufacturer instructions which is between and VAC. The flame sensor must have a good contact with the gas burner flame, the flame sensor is not dirty and covered with the deposits, which reduces its capability to transmit the electricity. Clean it if it is needed by using the fine steel wool. Since the unit is equipped with the hot surface ignitor, ensure that it is positioned correctly to properly ignite the gas.

AO Smith Tankless Error Code Troubleshooting

Also check for any damages on the ignitor's insulation, see is the resistance within the range from 1. Aug 08, Rating. Feb 07, Rating. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!Manuals Brands A.

Page of 40 Go. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Gas suppliers recommend that you use a gas detector. For more information, contact the your gas supplier. Table of Contents. Also See for A. Related Manuals for A. Gas models power vent with hot surface ignition 21 pages.

Water Heater A. Standard residential fvir gas water heaters 44 pages. Residential gas water heaters power vented gas models with hot surface ignition not for use in manufactured mobile homes 39 pages.

Summary of Contents for A. Many safety-related messages and instructions have been provided in this manual and on your water heater to warn you and others of a potential hazard. Page 4 Fire or Explosion Harzard Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. Avoid all ignition sources if you smell Natural or LP gas.

Do not expose water heater control to excessive gas pressure. New technology used in meeting these standards makes this product more sensitive to installation errors or improper installation environments.

Basements, crawl spaces, closets and areas below ground level will serve as pockets for the accumulation of gas. Attic or crawl spaces cannot be closed and must be properly ventilated to the outside. Ductwork must be of the same cross-sectional area as the free area of the opening to which they connect. Page Vent Pipe Size Align the legs of the draft hood with the slots provided.

In cold climates, it is recommended that the discharge pipe be terminated at an adequate drain inside the building.Always check to see if you can smell any lingering natural gas in the air before attempting to light the pilot light on the A.

Smith water heater. Occasionally, the pilot light on your A. Smith water heater might go out due to an interruption of service or repairs needed on the appliance.

Smith water heaters, including the Conservationist model, use a modern built-in piezoelectric igniter system that allows you to light the pilot by pushing the ignition button.

Take the access panel off the side of the A. Smith water heater at the bottom, by hand. Set the panel out of the way. Turn the gas control knob on the side of the water heater to the "Off" position, and allow the room to air out for approximately 10 minutes. Set the gas control knob to the "Pilot" position. Push down on the red pilot set button to let the gas run to the burner assembly. Press down on the ignitor button while holding the red set button, until you see the pilot light come on.

You may have to press the ignitor button a couple times until the pilot is lit. Hold the red set button down for about a minute after the pilot is lit, slowly letting the button up. Turn the gas control knob to the "On" position. Carl Pruit has been a freelance writer sincespecializing in service journalism and travel. His work has appeared on various websites. How to Light the Pilot Light in an A. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Warning Always check to see if you can smell any lingering natural gas in the air before attempting to light the pilot light on the A.

Step 1 Take the access panel off the side of the A. Step 2 Turn the gas control knob on the side of the water heater to the "Off" position, and allow the room to air out for approximately 10 minutes. Step 3 Set the gas control knob to the "Pilot" position. Step 4 Press down on the ignitor button while holding the red set button, until you see the pilot light come on. Step 5 Hold the red set button down for about a minute after the pilot is lit, slowly letting the button up.

Step 6 Place the access panel back onto the side of the water heater. Smith: Residential Gas Water Heaters.This honeywell gas valve is getting a bad wrap online. I have installed over and have had issues with roughly 1 in units installed.

The reason people are having so many issues with this gas valve is because the Government now requires a lower threshold for backdrafting. So the units that are having problems are most likely installed in improper environments. These tanks pictured below show signs of backdrafting. One quick tip on the installation. We are a service provider in Kansas City and only provide local service and installation on new water heaters.

However we have provided information below to try and help you resolve your water heater problem. The LED indicator helps you troubleshoot the issue by reporting a number of flashes.

Check all wiring connections. If problem persist you will need to replace the thermopile. When replacing the thermopile you must replace the entire pilot assembly. Often blamed on sediment in the tank, the 4 flashes is one of the most common problems with the Honeywell gas valve. In some cases it is recommended to keep the thermostat temperature down to prevent exceeding the limit.

If you get this code and have lukewarm water and the pilot is still on, try turning up the temperature. This has happened to us twice and both times has resolved the issue. Turn the gas control dial to off and let sit for one minute. If the pilot remains lit you will need to replace the gas control valve. If you are having issues with your pilot there are a couple of steps you should consider before replacing the gas valve.

The first is the air intake, water heater build after have a sealed combustion chamber and air is not as easily drawn in as older models. The air intake is located on the bottom or side of the water heater and may need to be cleaned out in order for the pilot to stay lit.

You have to put your ear down to the floor to see the pilot. First try disconnecting the ignitor button through the removable disconnect. Pulling it apart and putting it back together sometimes does the trick. This is a picture of a test to verify the gas valve had the proper working pressure.

ao smith water heater status light wont come on

The manometer is set to PSI and standard pressure when pilot is. Still have questions? Testing the Gas Pressure on your Honeywell Gas Valve This is a picture of a test to verify the gas valve had the proper working pressure.Forgot your Password? We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

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Forum Actions Mark Forums Read. Quick Links View Forum Leaders. Thread Tools. So I attempted to light the pilot doing the following: Turned the Control Knob to Pilot and pressed the knob in and at the same time clicked the Igniter button repeatedly for 90 seconds.

Red Status light did not start blinking. Waited 10 minutes and repeated this process maybe 8 or 10 times.

ao smith water heater status light wont come on

No results. I did notice when I pressed the Control Know in the Pilot position in and at the same time clicked the Igniter button, looking through the viewport window I see a small blue flame lighted and would stayed lighted as long as I held the control button in.

Wouldn't this indicate the unit is getting gas? Also the gas furnace is right next to the heater and is working fine getting sufficient gas.

Resetting Status Light Code #4 on Honeywell Controller

I am at a loss what to do next and would appreciate any suggestions. View Public Profile.Troubleshooting can help determine problems with underperforming water heaters without a service call. As is the case with all machinery, operational problems can arise with your A. Smith energy saver gas automatic water heater. But instead of bolting for the hardware or home improvement store to buy a completely new hot water heater, troubleshoot your A. Smith hot water heater's problems for a do-it-yourself solution.

You may be able to get your water heater back on track without having to boil away your savings. If you discover that your A. Smith water heater leaks, it could be a loose threaded connection. Carefully check the cold water supply and outgoing hot water connections, as well as the heater's relief or drain valve and thermostat connections. If you find that any of these are loose, carefully tighten the loose connection until it fits snug and secure. Also, check to ensure that one of your nearby appliances -- such as the washing machine — is not the actual source of the water leak.

If the water heater produces odors that seem out of place or unsanitary, it could be a result of high sulfate or mineral content in the incoming water supply. If so, A. Smith recommends you drain and completely flush the entire tank, then refill the unit. When the pilot light fails to turn the unit on, the main gas supply might be shut off. Check the gas feed into the appliance.

If the gas valve sits perpendicular to the gas line, the feed more than likely is turned off. Adjust the gas valve so that it aligns with the gas line.

A dirty pilot assembly could also keep your pilot burner from staying lit. Review the owner's manual for cleaning the pilot assembly. Make certain to follow the procedures in the manual for relighting the pilot. A pilot light malfunction could also be a result of a thermocouple malfunction, a wire disconnected from the spark ignitor, a broken electrode or melted insulation, any of which would require the service of a qualified service agent.

If the hot water coming out of a faucet or showerhead is too hot for comfort, the thermostat could be set too high. Adjust the heater's control knob to decrease hot water temperature.

To avoid the possibility of scalding your skin, apply extra caution when testing the temperature setting.

ao smith water heater status light wont come on

If the hot water feels lukewarm to the touch after readjusting the temperature setting, the A. Smith water heater may be undersized for the house, resulting in a shortage of readily available hot water.Troubleshooting pilot light problems on gas water heaters. How to fix the water heater when the light goes out, does not light, won't stay lit, the pilot flame is too small or too large.

How does it work and how to recognize is it operating correctly or not? A pilot light is a small device that is designed to provide the flame and light the gas coming out of the gas valve and main burner.

Troubleshooting an A.O. Smith Energy Saver Gas Automatic Water Heater

A pilot light is always burning while using a small amount of gas, either a water heater is running or not. Once there is a need for heating or call from a thermostata gas control valve releases the gas into the main burner, and the pilot light ignites the gas.

Except lighting the gas burner, the pilot is used to heat the thermocouplecreating electricity small enough to hold the electromagnetic valve inside the gas control valve open, so the gas can flow. If there is no pilot light or is blown out, the tip of the thermocouple cools off and stops generating electricity so the gas valve closes and the unit shuts off.

ao smith water heater status light wont come on

Every gas appliance is equipped with similar safety devices, prevent gas leaking inside the house. The pilot is widely used due to its proven and reliable work, but its main disadvantage is wasting gas when not working. Note that most of the older and economy gas water heaters are equipped with the pilot, while newer, advanced models utilize piezoelectric sparks or a hot surface igniter which is more durable and reliable.

Did you know that by looking at the pilot flame you can say is it working as it should, or not? The condensate, in this extreme case, is running down the flue tube and is dripping on the burner assembly, which results in the pilot outage.

There are several reasons why condensation happens, and some include high efficient water heaters which produce flue gases with the lower temperature, undersized heater, when the incoming water is very cold and when you start the unit for the first time.

Check out this article to learn more about condensation and its effect on the water heater. Most of the time improper venting would cause the pilot outage on direct vent gas water heaters DV. Down-draft from the ceiling fan, draft at the bottom of the unit, or high winds are also common reasons when the pilot would go out.

How to Light the Pilot Light in an A.O. Smith Water Heater

If there is a restriction in the fresh air delivery, find the reason and remove the obstructions. The right amount of air should be delivered when the unit is installed in the small confined space. If the wind is blowing directly into the DV vent, it may cause the pressure imbalance.