English 1 lbcc

Student Services are not conducting business in-person until further notice. International Admission: During this closure, we will assist you remotely with your admission inquiries, as well as intake and process of International Admission Applications. You will complete the online international admission application and email the required documents, in PDF form, at international lbcc. After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email with your application confirmation number within 48 hours.

Additional Questions: Please email our office at international lbcc.

english 1 lbcc

As an international student, studying in the United States is a great way to build the future you desire, and studying at a community college like Long Beach City College is a smart and affordable way to start your higher education. The International Student Programs ISP offers specialized support and immigration advising to F-1 and M-1 status students on campus, as well as assistance to prospective students during the application process.

Skip to main content Skip to site navigation. Carousel September 6, Read more. International Student Services Overview March 28, Other types of visas applicants must change their immigration status to either F1 or M1 to be eligible for the International Student Programs admission. Post May 30, Post May 6, Post March 29, Post December 13, Post August 21, Transfer Eligibility Form Read more. Remember me. Request new password. Commands Help Log in.Michelle Draper.

I'm Professor Draper Submit a Correction. Professor Draper's Top Tags. Gives good feedback Caring Tough grader Inspirational Skip class? You won't pass. Professor Draper was amazing! I took her class for English as well as English 1 and received an A in both.

She is extremely caring and gives great feedback; she's definitely there for you if you're struggling because she genuinely wants you to pass. I would highly recommend her class to anyone! Check out Similar Professors in the English Department 5.

Aug 26th, For Credit: Yes. She gives really great feedback in essays and gives you a lot of opportunities to revise. She pushes you to try your best which will help with college in the long run. There is a Bookclub at the end of the semester and she does give a lot of homework.

Gives good feedback Skip class? Clear grading criteria. Jan 30th, She is a very kind professor. I took her for my first semester of college and I loved being in her class But she expects you to do the readings and turn in essays on time we only have 4 essays and the 5th is optional.

Gives good feedback Get ready to read Caring. Nov 6th, Mastery of the English Language prepares students for personal and professional success in almost any professional career choice.

The English Department offers three programs: Digital Design and Publication, which trains students to write, design and produce material on diverse computer platforms; English, with concentrations in composition, creative writing, literature and reading; and Journalism, which prepares students for careers in reporting, public relations, documentary photography and related fields.

Students sharpen their writing and critical thinking skills in various programs, cultivating specific competencies in these key areas: digital publication; language, literature, and culture; and inquiry, editing, nd ethics in journalism. The department offers associate degrees in each program, as well as certificates in Digital Design and Publication and Journalism, opening doors to professions in fields such as education, journalism, publishing, entertainment, public relations, medicine, health care, law, finance and technology.

Skip to main content Skip to site navigation. Overview October 1, About the Department Mastery of the English Language prepares students for personal and professional success in almost any professional career choice. Read more. Department: English Academic Program October 26, Academic Program October 27, Icon July 27, Icon September 17, Icon November 28, Remember me.

Request new password. Commands Help Log in.As a fully admitted student, you will be eligible for priority registration as either a full-time or part-time student and be considered for federal financial aid, if you applied.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. For all programs, the college reserves the right to give higher priority to district residents. Learn about payment options.

Program: English

Select an option below:. LBCC offers a number of options for students to earn credit based on prior learning or experience. Credit is awarded based on recognized standards and with the approval of faculty. Programs are also available for adult students wishing to earn their GED or gain the skills needed to succeed in school or work. Class offerings include language and writing, recreation and dance, computers and technology, fitness and health, music and art, and more.

Payment is due at the time of registration. Corporate Training and Professional Development is a customized program for businesses and individuals.

Skip Side Navigation. High school graduates without previous college credit. High school graduates with some previous college credit. Healthcare students.

International students. Students currently in high school or home schooled. Prepare to take the GED. Community education classes. Employee training. Writing, math, or reading skills improvement classes. Read student stories.Applications are due Friday, September 25, before pm. By law, it is composed of three members appointed for three-year terms with the term of one member expiring each year.

Long Beach City College officials have announced that Spring semester classes will be conducted mostly online. The Spring semester will take place Feb. The College has kept both campuses closed since mid-March due to the COVID pandemic, holding the remainder of Spring, Summer intersession, and the current Fall semester primarily online. Applications are now being accepted and are due by Fri. Incoming LBUSD high school graduates who enroll at LBCC in the Fall semester immediately following graduation from high school are eligible to have their enrollment fees covered for two years.

Students must meet eligibility criteria and complete a participation agreement deadlines apply. LBCC has brought out a more competitively academic side of me. Also, I love the diversity of its student body.

From my professors to my advisor to my fellow students, I have felt welcomed, challenged, and supported.

english 1 lbcc

Virtual Zoom labs staffed by the Transfer Center. Students should attempt to begin their application before coming to our lab. During the lab, we can answer general application questions in a group format to benefit other students in the room with similar questions.

Students may also opt to enter private individual Zoom breakout rooms to share their application screen with transfer staff and ensure information privacy. We invite you to become an Ally for undocumented students and create a positive learning environment at Long Beach City College.

This training will feature topics such as immigration history, federal and state laws, and what it means to be an Ally for undocumented students at LBCC. Learn skills and tools to improve your emotional well-being and create balance in your life. We provide workshops each semester to support student health, happiness, and success.

Learn skills and tools to improve your emotional wellbeing and create balance in your life. A LBCC Mental Health Clinician will present a workshop series for student parents wanting to learn more about factors that contribute to parent-child relationships and families.

Thurs, Oct. All workshops will be held — p. Join the Future Teachers Club as we walk through breathing, grounding and physical techniques to help us stay present and mindful of the situations in front of us. Coming from backgrounds from yoga, ayurvedic, and dance, we will honor these techniques as an act of self-care and communal care. Skip to main content Skip to site navigation.

Carousel October 8, Read more. Carousel October 1, Carousel May 14, Carousel August 31, Carousel March 4, Home Icon September 13, Icon September 13, Icon February 5, Icon October 6, New and Exciting Press Release September 16, Press Release September 14, Press Release August 5, Press Release August 27, Kline is an accomplished writer and editor who has worked for Microsoft on its Finance app and The Boston Globe, where he wrote for the paper and ran the Boston.

His latest book, "Worst Ideas Ever," (Skyhorse) can be purchased at bookstores everywhere.

english 1 lbcc

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International Student Services

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english 1 lbcc

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