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Fossil smartwatch not showing steps

Wear OS by Google lets iPhone users pair a Wear watch and get an experience almost as good as those treading the pure Android smartphone-pairing path. Of course, those of you who previously ran an older version of the software will know that most Wear watches already worked with iOS, but the experience was very limited. Since Wear 2. So much so that in Google renamed Android Wear to Wear OS, a way of better communicating that iPhone users can use these watches too.

So, if you've thought about avoiding the Apple Watch and instead buying a Skagen Falster 3 or Michael Kors Lexington 2 — or like the look of a Fossil Gen 5 — but are tied to Apple's mobile operating system, Wear OS brings you closer than ever to getting the best of both worlds. Explore below to find out what you can and can't do with Wear on your iPhone, as well as what devices are compatible. We'll also walk you through the setup. First thing first: you need an iPhone 5 or later with at least iOS 9 installed in order to use your Apple phone with a Wear watch.

Second, obviously, you need a Wear watch that works with iOS. Over time, Google has expanded compatibility out to just about every model, and even some of the oldest ones that didn't 'officially' get support have still worked when we tried. Also, every watch that got the Android Wear Oreo update also got the Wear OS update, so unless you're using a much older device, you should already have all the new branding.

If you didn't get the full rebranding, fear not, as you'll still be able to pair with iOS. Pairing your Wear watch with an iPhone is a fairly straightforward procedure, but if your device is already linked to a different phone, remember to give it a factory reset first. Then simply fire up the smartwatch and select the button to pair a new Wear device. You'll need to select your watch from the list in the iOS app and verify the connection on both devices.

To set up a new watch in the app, hit the menu button on the left side of the home screen and hit 'Set up a new watch'. Once that's done, the app will update the watch's software to the latest version and ask you to select the Google account you want to copy over. After a minute or so of preparation, your watch should start running, presenting you with a Wear tutorial that walks you through the basics of notifications and using Google Assistant. It's short and definitely worth paying attention to.

Wear OS now lets iOS users do a lot more, and in time, with updates and more third-party apps, the experience will get even better. Probably the biggest change for iOS users since Wear 2. This is actually huge for iOS, as it lets you run all the same standalone apps you would with an Android phone.

You'll be able to load up the store on the watch, browse and download apps just as people paired with an Android smartphone can. Read this: Google talks about the future of Wear OS. Google Assistant is also built into Wear as a standalone app, which means iOS users are able to use this on the watch just don't make Siri jealous.

With the Assistant and Play Store on the watch, it's a good idea to get it connected to Wi-Fi during setup, especially if you need to download some software updates. How far we've come. When it comes to notifications, the experience is also pretty good with texts, emails, calendar reminders — plus all third-party apps too, whether it's WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. And when you dismiss them on the watch, they'll disappear from your iPhone notification screen, so the two really are working in unison.

This also works on iOS, handily. Music controls work with Apple Music and third-party apps like Spotify, too, and you even get album artwork on your wrist now.Fossil nailed the look of the Hybrid HR. It's a beautiful hybrid watch with a useful e-ink display, wrapped up in an affordable package. The heart rate sensor and sleep tracking proved to be unreliable, though. If you're interested in buying the Fossil Hybrid HR, do so for the looks, not for the fitness or health tracking.

Update: March 11, We have updated our Fossil Hybrid HR review with updated pricing and details on custom wallpapers. That is, until now. But for a certain type of user, this might be one of the better buys this holiday season. Hybrid smartwatches come in a few different flavors: Some will simply keep track of your daily activity and nothing else, while others are full-fledged smartwatches with hidden displays.

Some devices are somewhere between the two. The Fossil Hybrid HR falls at the smarter end of the spectrum. The Fossil Hybrid HR certainly has analog watch elements, like the physical watch hands and number markings around the bezel.

But the big news here is the display. E-ink has its pros and cons, so not everyone will be on board with this type of display. On lighter days, the watch only drops a few percentage points. This type of display also blends in much more nicely with the watch face. It stays in the background for the most part, and you really only notice it when you need to check notifications or do something with the watch. E-ink displays have very low refresh rates, causing them to hang for a few moments before showing the next screen or updating with the proper information.

Pebble got this down to a science in later years, and those smartwatches actually felt speedy. The Hybrid HR lags a bit, though. Fossil included a backlight for these instances. Also, the hands will automatically move to the three and nine positions when scrolling through menus.

ID107 smart watch pedometer issues troubleshooting guide

You can program each of the side buttons to perform a specific action. I have mine programmed to my activity summary topnotification hub middleand weather bottom. Brace yourself for Nitpicky Jimmy: Years of using smartwatches tell me that the physical button or the center physical button in this case is the back button.I bought my Fossil Sport Smartwatch over Black Friday weekend, when it was improbably on sale just after it launched.

This admittedly has no bearing on how good a smartwatch it is, or whether you should consider buying one of your own. And that I plan to keep on wearing it. It suffers minimal chunk. I think about it almost never, in the best possible way. Grey and light blue were previously offered but are listed as sold out online. The darker models come off better, thanks to the mixed materials Fossil deploys. The top case is made of aluminum, but it rests above hard nylon. It all blends together nicely enough in the blue and black versions, but the red and blush get contrasty in a way that could read as cheap.

Fossil also sells bands in many, many additional colors if you want to get creative and swap in. But I did take the straps off of my watch using its quick-release mechanism, and it took all of 10 seconds to get them back on again.

The silicon strap, too, strikes a good balance between comfort and durability. And yes, battery life is still a concern for smartwatches with bright touchscreens, no matter who makes them.

It has an NFC chip for Google Pay purchases, which will surprise and delight your friends at the supermarket checkout. So yes, no real complaints about the Fossil Sport Smartwatch hardware.

The software that runs it? Some complaints! Apps can take several beats too long to open. So easily distracted! I did not enjoy this process. And then there are the watch faces. Fossil provides a handful that look like a boosted digital watch, with rings to track your physical activity one for steps, the other for anything that gets your heart rate up encircling the time, the date, your heart rate, and so on.

What I do not appreciate is that Fossil will on occasion attempt to foist new watch face designs on me. My smartwatch has frozen three times since I bought it three months ago, which is a momentary hassle at worst, but not a super encouraging rate.

Now for the good! It did take me a few months to figure out how to uninstall an app—you have to search for it in the Google Play Store on your watch, tap it, and uninstall it there, which seems not especially efficient—but otherwise the learning curve is minimal. It does offer a clean display, though, that serves up critical info like heart rate and pace in blocky enough font that you only need to glance. What makes the Sport Smartwatch worth it is what makes any wristable worth it: It genuinely keeps me from looking at my phone all the time.

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Hi all, I couldn't find a similar topic in the SW3 forum, so apologies if this is a duplicate. I'm finding my SW 3 running 5. I only got the watch a couple weeks ago, so not sure if it is a problem with the 5. As far as I understand, the watch should be able to count the steps on its own and then sync with my phone later If this is indeed supposed to work, any ideas to fix it?

fossil smartwatch not showing steps

Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Jun Welcome to the nightmare that is google fit. It's just awful and broken. Sync always screws up between the watch and the phone. It really is a joke. I honestly don't understand how google can allow something like this to happen. I use the jawbone up app, only version 4. Works perfectly. I'll just wait till google get their act together.

Hopefully it'll be soon.You can do this by making sure the watch vibrates when you press one of the buttons. STEP 3: Follow the instructions in the app to set up an account and pair your device.

FOSSIL GEN 5! 5 Tips And Tricks That You Must Know

Preview calls and texts, check your commute time and more, anytime you want. Assign your favorite people and apps and receive discrete vibration notifications on your smartwatch when they contact you. Track steps, distance, calories, sleep and personal goals with your smartwatch.

The data is available to view anytime in the companion app. Thanks to the smartwatch's long lasting battery, there's no nightly plug-in necessary. Command your world from your wrist by assigning functions you use the most to your watch buttons. Ring your phone, control music and more.

When traveling to another time zone, your smartwatch automatically updates to the correct local date and time. For international Fossil Support phone numbers, please click here. Hybrid smartwatches are compatible with Android OS 5.

Google Fit not counting steps without phone

Supported features may vary between platforms. Assign your favorite people and apps and receive discrete vibration notifications on your watch when they contact you. Track steps, distance, calories, sleep and personal goals with your watch. Thanks to the watch's always on, always connected functionality, you never have to worry about charging. Just switch out the battery when the app alerts you it's low. Looking for a more discrete reminder than your phone? Set an alarm to your watch in the companion app for gentle vibration alerts.

Match your mood with straps in a variety of colors and materials. Whether you want to impress in the office with leather, or hit the trails with silicone, your watch is ready to switch out to any compatible strap.

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fossil smartwatch not showing steps

Platinum Product Expert John Bowdre. Recommended Answer. That sounds like the Fit complication may be missing from your chosen watch face. Try long-pressing the center of the face to access its options and then look for a menu for "Complications", "Data providers", or "Widgets" depending on what face you're using the same menu may be named differently.

fossil smartwatch not showing steps

Platinum Product Expert. John Bowdre. Original Poster. Google user. All Replies Are you using the Google Fit app on your watch? User My Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch is no longer showing steps on the watch face. Google Fit continues to record steps and heart rate, but only visible on the app itself.If you find your ID smart watch pedometer function doesn't calculate your steps, or the recorded step is not accurate, calm down, please read this passage to check whether you match any of the below situations.

If so, the corresponding solution is offered, follow it to solve the issue. If so, please charge the watch through its original USB cable and use it later. The minimum trigger volume of ID smart watch is 20 steps. If you walk less than 20 steps, the number is still ZERO.

Though the sensor is detecting and calculating the steps, it won't present the number on the display. Try to walk continuously more than 20 steps, you will find the pedometer is working normally. Connect the watch to the phone and reset it in the Veryfit 2.

After that, connect the watch to your phone again, then check whether the pedometer works. The sensor tracks and records your steps through your action gestures - arm swing, strides, motion changes. Even the road flatness and gradient may affect the pedometer.

If your arms are always keeping the still gesture or your exercise behavior is too slow or soft, it will influence the sensor's movement detection and recording.

Hence, some of your steps won't be recorded, the accuracy won't be so exact. Behave more actively, swing your arms stronger, simple as this.

Only when you continually walk more than 20 steps, all your walked steps will show up including the first 20 steps on the watch. Walk continuously more than 20 steps, you will find the pedometer is much closer to the accurate steps. If you compared the pedometer data with your phone or other calculating devicesand find the accurate step number is different, you may think the ID smart watch's pedometer feature is not accurate. Actually, it's not like that.

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the ID smart band from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us.