Hilux diff width

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hilux diff width

Post Tue Jan 12, am. Post Mon Oct 23, pm. Quick links. Post Wed Jan 07, pm Seeing that we did discuss this ages ago and the questions come up again but the original posts get lost in the volumes on the forum I am starting this as a new sticky. The side shafts are thicker and insert into the diff with 30 splines. They are generally regarded as stronger. It does have a inspection lid on the rear of the pumpkin thus the diff or crown wheel can be inspected from the rear without removing the complete 3rd member.

The side shafts are thinner and insert into the diff with 27 splines They are generally regarded as not as strong as the Import ones. In this article, I will discuss the 2 main types of axles in use in 4x4 vehicles today namely solid axles and independent axles.

There are also a third type in use called portal axles but this configuration is used seldom, normally only in off-road trucks like the Mercedes Unimog truck, but I will not discuss them as they are not really relevant to the target audience of this article.

Toyota Axle Widths

In all vehicles, the driving wheels are attached to axles that facilitate power delivery to the wheels. This difference in speeds occur when the vehicle does not move in a straight line and the wheel inside the turn move slower due to a shorter path travelled compared to the outer wheel that travels a longer path. The Differential is the centre portion of the axle and contains the following components: The casing that holds all the pieces intact is called the diff carrier G On imported differentials the triangular piece at the bottom of the picture including the diff mechanism carrier, gears, pinion and bearings can screw loose separately and this is called the 3rd-member.

The input shaft is called the pinion A and the gear at the end is called the pinion gear B The rotation from the prop shaft that is connected to the pinion rotates the pinion gear which in turn drives the ring gear or crown wheel C Attached to the crown wheel is the spider gears or sometimes called planetary gears D The spider gears in turn drive the side gears and this is the heart of the differential system.

This setup will allow rotational speed differences to be absorbed or cancelled out by the spider gears. If both wheels rotate at the same speed, then the spider gears stand still and the side gears and crown wheel turn in unison. A differential lock can be installed into the carrier which will lock the side gears and crown wheel together and will cause equal power transfer to both wheels, if one of them were to loose traction.

There are a few diff configurations in use. The first is a solid rear axle also called a rear beam axle and does not have any rotational joints attached to the side shafts.

The side shaft covers or beams Hthe centre portion, also referred to as the pumpkin, and the wheel hubs K are one solid piece. The next configuration is a solid front axle or front beam axle. In this case the beams and the pumpkin is still a solid unit but at the ends there are swivel hubs that allows the steering wheels in front of the vehicle to be turned left or right.

In order to facilitate this turning movement in the side shaft while it is rotating, rotational joints J are placed at the ends of the side shafts and connects the stub axles to the side shafts. These joints can either be universal joints as used in DANA axles, Birfield joints as used in the Toyota solid front axles or constant velocity CV joints as used in most vehicles with independent front or rear suspension The next configuration is a independent rear axle In this configuration, the hubs and side shafts move independently from the pumpkin that is fixed to the vehicle, so it remains stationary while the wheels and side shafts move independently.I have a hilux diff in my mazda which has been shortened.

Price included new seals and a rebuild. Forgot too mention that they supplied the diff and found me a 4. Do you already have a hilux diff in a car and you want too shorten it? Just building a 13b race car atm I have the old datsun diff out and it measures mm hub to hub. I have a hilux diff thats maybe can't remember what i measured and i need it down to at least mm preferably mm. Both diffs are out of the car so the mounts can be cut off and welded to the new diff.

Have a read of this thread on ausrotor. It will answer alot of your questions. So id say that would be the same for yours too. I had gibbs trucks make me up a 3inch thick walled tail shaft with ford 9" uni's. I think that was about from memory. If you have a BoostCruising account enter your user name and password into the yellow box.

BoostCruising - Australia's 1 Automotive Community. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has had a Hilux rear end shortened??? Is it true 15mm on each axle is not used so that would mean 30mm without having them re-splined???? And how much it cost you?????? Cheers P. TOP Quote Reply. Kai Post 2. Kai Post 4. Member Login If you have a BoostCruising account enter your user name and password into the yellow box.You mentioned the range of rim offset for Hilux and it ranges from 4 - 45, may I know the exact figure of Hilux rim offset.

Thank you.

hilux diff width

Hi I was trying to find out what's the biggest legal rim size allowed on a Hilux workmate? Is it only legal to go an inch bigger and no more? Stock size is 15".

hilux diff width

What is the exact figure of Toyota Hilux Brunei Darussalam spec offset the rims size is 17x7. I want to buy new rims with the size is 17x8. What is the exact offset and the centre bore can be fit to my Hilux? Hi, could you give me some word of advice. I am about to buy rim online. Would it fit my Hilux 3.

Thank you in advance. Hi I have a 09 hilux sr. Hey, Could you tell me the pcd for a yn85r grinner hilux, i know its a 5 stud just having trouble with the exact pcd. Can I fit 15'' sunraiser rims on my hilux sr, if so what offset and stud pattern? Hi I cannot fit my 16inch sun raisers on my hilux are you how close do your front callipers go? Great site Toyota hilux 2. Will there be rub etc? Hi, I have a Toyota double cab 2.

I'd like to fit some nice alloys with wider tyres as the standard ones look a little lame. What are the largest in terms of diameter and widest in terms of rim width alloys that would work without any lifting modifications to the car?

What are the widest recommended tyres for a Toyota Hilux twin cab pick up. Hi, Thomas. That is the maximum it can be. I tried and its ways toooo wide like John said. Hi I'm wanting to know the largest tyre that will fit on 17" standard Toyota hilux alloy wheel and the widest please At pres it had 65 r17 on we do a lot of towing of boats on sandy shingle type ground we are looking at using BF Goodrich all terrain ta ko tyres if that makes any difference Look forwards to a reply thanks!!

I have Toyota hilux 2. I have a Hilux flatdeck with camper. Weight kgs. Would like to know the original size and would R14's do.


Have purchased 4x4 dual cab hilux only to find my 16inch sun raisers don't fit as they changed calliper size can anyone help me.

Hello Garry Hilton, you can use, but this package will stick out 20 mm farther. Make sure that you have enough room under the fender.The majority of these vehicles were sold as pickup truck or cab chassis variants, although they could be configured in a variety of body styles. In North America, the popular option package, the SR5 Sport Rally 5-Speedwas colloquially used as a model name for the truck, even though the option package was also used on other Toyota models, like the to Corolla.

The Hilux started production in March [4] as the RN10 in short-wheelbase form with a 1. In Aprila long-wheelbase version was added to the range. The short-wheelbase version also continued in production for many more years. In spite of the name "Hilux", it was a luxury vehicle only when compared to the Stout. The Hilux was engineered and assembled by Hino Motors to replace the earlier vehicle that the Hilux was derived from, called the Briska [6] in the niche beneath the larger and older Stout — it replaced the Stout fully in some markets.

For the North American market, the only body style was a regular cab short bed and all were rear-wheel drive. It used a typical truck setup of A-arms and coil springs in front and a live axle with leaf springs in back. A four-speed manual transmission was standard. In May[4] the model year Hilux was introduced, designated the RN The 2. The Hilux was radically redesigned in to be larger and with increased standard equipment.

In North America, the new version also meant the introduction of the considerably larger 2. A five-speed manual transmission became optional. In North America, the Hilux name was fully phased out in favour of "Truck" by that year, having been dropped from brochures and advertising campaigns, starting in Some North American motor-coach manufacturers began building Toyota motor-homes from the Hilux. The redesigned Hilux was introduced in August[4] with a 4WD variant introduced in January The Australian market received the 1.

In North American markets the Hilux known as the pickup saw the use of four-wheel drive. It had a solid front axle and leaf suspension. The body saw a redesign that included single round headlights and a less complex body. This transfer case is unique in that its low-range reduction portion can be replicated, using what some refer to as a dual or triple transfer case.

This results in a much lower overall gear ratio. Ina vehicle development agreement was established between Toyota, Winnebago Industries and two other aftermarket customisers.

The vehicles which resulted from this collaboration were the Trekker WinnebagoWolverine, and the Trailblazer Griffith. The August redesign sold as model year vehicles in North America introduced the Xtracab extended cab option, with six inches of space behind the seat for in-cab storage. These models carried over the carbureted 22R engine while model year also saw the introduction of the fuel injected 22R-E engine.

Two diesel engines were also offered, the 2L and the turbocharged 2L-T.Login or Sign Up. Hilux diff shortening. Posts Latest Posts. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next.

hilux diff width

Hilux diff shorteningPM. G'day, I've got a Hilux diff out of a RN It'd mm drum to drum and needs to be mm or so. Lots of small car guys seem to run Hilux diffs but how do they get around the axle issue? Are they all running earlier RN20 diffs? Is there anyone out there selling shortened axles for these things? Just interested to know what the PF brains trust thinks.

Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Motherfucker Jones. Yeah just shorten the axles. They're thick as fuck. I think hiaces are about ? Jus chop the diff and respline the axles thats wat i did with my escort The problem is that the axle diameter gets smaller after the splines so not able to respline. Are all Hilux axles like this?

Weld to build it up? I have a faint recall about this happening but must be 10 years ago. You'll actually find that the OD of the axle is the same as the spline root depth. They do this to reduce stress raisers in the end of the axle where the splines finish. Depends on the torque of the car, but the mid sized Mazda shit is pretty decent. Romac do a floating kit for the Toyota g series hilux if your budget goes that far, then you can fuck with it as much as you like. SR20 KE The usual idea is to use the short axle in the long side and then shorten the other axle a fair bit to get past the thin section.

Given that the diff you have is pretty close already this is not really doable. The earlier Hilux diffs, rn or whatever they are are around the same width as ta22 celica, around from memory.

These are the sort after diffs for the small car toyota guys.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. A common topic. Hopefully I can provide some info for those who don't know, and that others can fill in the blanks for me. Please note I am yet to do this, hence the questiojns. Different carrier bearings required for late centre in early diff - Timken part number is X for these bearings.

Early ones have a wider pinion bearing and shorter pinion head, later ones have a thinner pinion bearing and wider pinion head. If you are changing from an early to a late you need to use the factory bearings for the GEARS you are using, irrespective of the housing it is going into.

I think I'm fairly clear on all that. Can anyone shed some light on this? Apparently this change happened mid-late 90s Do you use the older side gears to retain the old spline with the new centre? Or do you just avoid getting a 30sp centre entirely?

Last edited by Shifty; at PM. Jealousy is a curse. I'll do some more research tonight. If this is correct and anyone knows for sure let me know as i will change it asap. Thanks in advance. Where you are getting confused is that F series 7.

As you have already researched new bearings and a spacer to correct the crownwheel offset are most likely needed. Originally Posted by ae Yeah I made the mistake of using a 4WD site for my research I neveer really think of "F" series as a "hilux diff" when obviously they're quire common. Replies: Last Post:PM. Hilux diff axle seal issues By Pube in forum Tech and Conversions. Replies: 8 Last Post:PM. Replies: 3 Last Post:AM. AE86 Axle upgrade needed By irishtwincam in forum Tech and Conversions.Remember Me?


What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Hilux G series Diff Conversion. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hilux G series Diff Conversion. First I have been informed that any Hilux diff center will fit the housing. What should I be looking for or asking for to fit my housing, center, brakes, axles etc? Un-shortened I can fit rubber, which I think is the largest size for the diff, do I have to bend the guards to prevent the rubber rubbing?

I may look at cutting the diff down tobut I was told that some axles cant be used for cutting due to the size, is there a type of axle which is recommended for cutting down, may be a long axle so the spline can be cut off then re-pressed? If I perform the supra disc brake conversion, will this reduce the drum to drum measurement? And one final question, which is best solid tail shaft or standard? Re: Hilux G series Diff Conversion.

Originally Posted by auto Make sure you do your homework on ratio's and tyre size before you start. These forums have a lot of useful info, Norbie's Toyota transaxle database is a good place to start. Ther are also tyre,diff and gearbox ratio calulators available on the net I recently upgraded my Hilux diffs and found out some info that may help. Some model Hiace diffs have 5 stud axles that slot straight into the Hilux housings.

The 3. Then there is the mounting of the diff which in your case would involve changing mounting brackets etc. I did not get into this because all I had to do was change centres.

Why Is Final Drive Ratio Important? Accelerate Faster!

There are companies that specialise in doing these conversions OzDiff in Brisbane is one such company but I am sure that there is someone closer to you that could do the whole thing,brakes and all for a price. Do your research first don't go in to them knowing nothing otherwise they will rip you off. Cheers, Wheelie.

So which is the better option one piece or standard? So Will putting an offset on the wheels cause the bearings to fail sooner than they otherwise would? If not; one good option would be to keep the 5 stud on the back And switch the front to crown hubs Like MWP's and go to 5 stud all round, use the money saved from not shortening the diff to get rims with the correct offset, thank you MWP.

If new ones are run, where do I shop for these parts? I will check what my diff ratio is and try for a match or close to.