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Lt77 gearbox rebuild manual

By shauniedawnFebruary 15, in Defender Forum. Hiya everyone. I'm a relative newbie to posting on this forum, but have read posts and technical topics for a while. I messaged Les last week to ask him how to upload this into the archive section on this site - but unfortunately, I've not heard back from him, so thought I may as well post the thread here.

Not that that makes much of a difference, as the boxes are almost identical, but just explains the TR7 references throughout. Kind regards. I bought another Land Rover last summer. It was hard to tell where exactly it was coming from, as there was oil all over the place.

Anyhow, I ran it for a while, but the dripping really started to get on my nerves, so I decided to take the engine out. Motor came out no problem left the gearbox in the car. Cutting to the chase, there were a few oil leaks, but the main problem was that on this Land Rover reconditioned engine only done 15K ishthe rear crankshaft oil seal had been put in the wrong way round! I had the sump, ladder, oil pump and front case all off.

New gaskets and seals, timing belt etc. So the engine was all washed off, and nice and clean — but the gearbox looked filthy. So I decided to drop the box out too, and give it a good clean.

Bloody awkward thing to remove due to the very unbalanced nature of it. I spent the best part of a day cleaning the gearbox and transfer box off — but the results were worth it. On inspection, I could see that there was a little oil leaking here and there. When I got the transfer box parted from the gearbox I found that the mainshaft splines were about worn through ready to lose driveand the transfer box input gear splines were also worn out.

And of course, it would all have to come out again. The later input gears were modified with lubrication holes to stop the wear. There are a few minor differences here and there — but not much. So I thought it would make an interesting topic. As you can see, the selector housing is different to the TR7.

Again, not on TR7, but you have to do it! Remove snap ring. Remove oil seal collar. Remove bolts and slide off aluminium housing. Remove oil pump gears — they were worn, but very good for ,mls. Picking up on one of the centre plate bolt holes, lock the 5th gear — I used a bit of scrap. Remove selector and then 5th gear circlip. Remove selective spacer and 5th gear from mainshaft 3rd motion shaft.

lt77 gearbox rebuild manual

This is different to TR7 — 5th gear has a split caged bearing. Open up cage and remove. Lift off 5th gear from layshaft Can't remember if I needed a puller to do this.


Or whether employed the two pry bars again - sorry, no photo. Invert casing and remove front cover, selective washers and gasket.In both cases they are considered to be very robust units providing routine maintenance guidelines are observed. Unfortunately as the age of our cars increased and ownership began to fall into the hands of enthusiasts not seeking dealership servicing, like all mechanical components they start to give problems if maintenance is overlooked.

During my ownership of four Rover SD1's I have come across a number of routine and difficult fault situations that needed solutions.

Frequently we are reminded - "Top up the gearbox". It's easy to say, isn't it? Here then are some ideas to make things easier and few other snippets I have come up with, including a really radical treatment for a badly behaved 5 Speed LT77 Manual Gearbox. Read or download the PDF from here: 36kb. It has worked splendidly for me sincebut recently there is quite a lot of interest in Redline MTL, specifically formulated for this type of gearbox.

It's got to be worth a try, I reckon. The Redline MTL Technical Information leaflet can be printed off, double-sided, onto an A4 sheet and you get a handy three fold leaflet. Late Vitesses, for example, had an uprated version. Rover SD1 Workshop manuals variously present service instructions and should be the definitive source of data. Rover SD1 Tech'l Articles Site Contents:. Read all about how to do this from here:.By shauniedawnFebruary 15, in Defender Forum.

I'm hoping I won't have to!!! Yes, but you would do a huge favour to us. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the question. I took my transfer and gearbox apart. The main shaft and the input gear are completely worn out. After I was hoping to inspire more of you to do your own! Well, I know my limits.

Rover SD1 Gearbox Unit (5 Speed)

It has inspired me to fix my gearbox as I can't select any gears. Me thinks it might be the selector's faulty somewhere. I've gotten the gearbox on me workbench and the shafts look brand new, so I'm hoping it might be something simple.

Anyway, do you think a hydraulic puller is needed to remove the first bearing or would a normal puller be ok? Thanks again, Mark. Anyone else having issues seeing the pictures? I'm about to rebuild my spare lt77 and the pictures would help me a lot! They were missing the other day, but now they are back. Thats the problem with photobucket - i beleive if a user doesnt log in for some time, the pictures get removed??

Is there anyway of the Mods saving these pics to the forum as this is a really useful thread, so it would be a shame to lose it if shauniedawn ever closes his photobucket account. They disappeared due to excessive bandwidth usage on the photobucket account - too many people looking at this thread! Unfortunately I cant see the pictures. What a great Article however, when measuring layshaft and mainshaft end play using the end cover, you mention that the LT77 workshop manual shows one how to use the feeler gauge method, but you preferred the TR7 method with a dial gauge.

Well, I have looked in various workshop manuals and all I ever see is the dial gauge method. Can you please explain how the feeler gauge method, using the end plate and various shims, would work?

I have done my mainshaft with a "guessed" spacer of, to find the end float is ", meaning I need to add a shim to get it to the required " which is I think correct!?Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 LT77 Gearbox rebuild. Can anyone recommend a company to rebuild a 2wd LT77 gearbox, in the North-East preferrably?

Dont know wether it is of interest to you but I bought a brand new lt77 gearbox of ebay for If it is of interest I will find the original invoice out and give you there phone number. GreenV8S 27, posts months. Rob Crutch posts months. If so how have you got on with it? Cheers, Rob. Ashcroft transmissions are highly regarded in the land rover world. If you're having it rebuild it's worth having uprated bearings fitted as they are the weak spot. Steve Heath used to do this to put bhp through them.

You might try a search on the Wedges forum to find out more. If buying an LT77 beware that there are several different revisions, best to go for the lattest letter in the serial number, I think an 'F' or 'G' rings a bell but memory is a little hazy The older ones are much stronger internally.

Forgot to add,Paul at Lagonda court garage in Billingham, would recommend defo, he knows his stuff alright, should of gone there first.Service, repair and replacement of gearboxes and manual transmissions.

Service, repair and replacement of transfer cases. Service, repair and replacement of differentials. Matthew Chandler and Mark Kent began the business in When we began there were only 3 employees in total. Mat and Mark struck up a good union with Mat running Sales and Mark running the workshop. This still applies today. We have grown over the years and now employ 10 staff. Matthew and Wayne are at the front taking care of customer service and administration, while Mark co-ordinates the running of the workshop floor and 7 staff.

Wayne Fuller is the business manager and has been with the company since The combined mechanical experience of the team exceeds 50 years. Our original location was situated around the corner from our current premises.

It was square metres in size. We quickly outgrew it, and in we purchased our current building, just over square metres in size.

We had the shop equipped totally separate to our old one, which meant we could literally close the doors, walk our tool boxes around the corner on a Friday and open for business in our new shop the following Monday. Our equipment includes 7 hoists that can handle up to 5 tonne capacity and what we consider to be a complete range of specialty tools for the specialised field we cater for. Here at Newcastle Gearbox and Diff, we have built our reputation for the past nearly 20 years on providing top notch gearbox and manual transmission repair and installation service to our clients, ranging from individual customers to vehicle dealerships and mechanics that rely on our expertise.

These suppliers include:. When our quality workmanship meets the quality parts that we provide to all of our customers, it creates a level of service that leads to the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

All of the repairs and services we perform here at our fully equipped workshop are done by only the absolute best mechanics here in Newcastle. This association provides us with a large stock of gearbox and manual transmission parts for a wide range of makes and models that we use to provide our clients with absolutely top notch service. We guarantee that your repair job will be done with the highest level of speed and efficiency possible.

lt77 gearbox rebuild manual

Located at Broadmeadow with easy access and plenty of parking, we make sure our clients can reach us as quickly and conveniently as possible, leading to their vehicle getting back on the road as soon as possible. Top Menu Book a Service Call.

Read more. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Welcome Newcastle Gearbox and Diff. Transfer Case. What do our clients think? Honest advice and competitive service pricing. Very efficient and precise assembly of gearboxes.We have concentrated here on the 5-speed version because of the rarity of 4-speed models. However, as the 4-speed is essentially a 5-speed with fewer internals, it would be a simple matter to fit a 5-speed 'box in place of a 4-speed.

There were a number of changes affecting gearbox internals over the years and many parts are not interchangeable.

Therefore, it is important to identify your gearbox by the number stamped on the left hand side - the vital figure being the suffix A, B, C or D. From approximately onwards, Rover used automatic gearbox oil ATF in the manual gearbox, to help improve gear selection from cold. Our reconditioned 5-speed gearboxes use ATF. The oil capacity is 1. Accessibility skip to main content. Triumph General Fasteners. Triumph Paint Chart.

Triumph Engine Oil. MG Montego Parts. MG Maestro Parts. MG Gear. MG Engine Oil. MGB Engine Oil.


Rover P6 3. Rover P5 3. Rover Montego Parts. Rover Maestro Parts. Rover Books and DVDs. Rover Oil Chart. Land Rover Wheels. Land Rover Mudflaps. Range Rover Accessories. Range Rover Wheels. Range Rover Mudflaps. Jaguar Paint. Jaguar Safety. Jaguar Engine Oil Chart. Jaguar Mudflaps.Toggle navigation. Lookes simple enough in the manual, but I'm wondering what I might be letting myself in for Thanks Laurence. I couldn't fit the back on forget precisely without undue force, to I took it to a gearbox centre and they finished it off for 50 quid or so.

A pessimist is never disappointed! And of course the oil pump. First to answer your question, the parts in the LT77 that are prone to needing replacement are all the taper roller bearings and the roller bearing in the back of the rear extension.

The aluminium rear extension housing is easiliy damaged in the oil pump housing area. Then we have the feet of the shift forks that wear out as they are of a softer metal than the shift hubs.

Also, the main shaft can be damaged. In effect, all the interior parts of the LT77 are prone to being damaged and needing replacement. The abiding question is, Why? In the RPI website that touts the sale of the R gearbox, they start off by noting the near impossibility of finding a good used, i. This is true. Most standard gearbox's use a 'splash' method of lubrication. The LT77 however uses an oil pump that is made from a fiborous resin material to circulate the 1.

This is a good thing.

lt77 gearbox rebuild manual

It is also the Achilles Heel of the design. Having no screen or filter over the end of the pickup pipe allows the swarf or metallic particles shed during normal operation as the days, weeks, months, years, decades pass to be circulated thru the system grinding away on the bearings, gear faces, synchro forks, seals, housings, and anything else in there.

Is your LT77 doing this to you? The LT77 is a very good transmission. The gear ratios are excellent, particularly when mated to the 4 speed, 3. Those owners with the fuel injected engines are blessed to have a. This gives an rpm drop compared to the rpm drop from 4th gear.