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Sci fi fantasy plot generator

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20 Sci-Fi Story Ideas

Welcome to RanGen, a space that offers writing prompts and inspirational bursts creators of all shapes and sizes. I'm your host, Ameronisand I'll be happy to take you on a wonderful, magical journey with the help of my many Gens. Whether you're a writer, script-maker, artist, role-player, game-maker, or just someone looking for some fun, I'm sure you'll find a ton of interesting suggestions, from the inspiring and artistic, to the silly and downright baffling.

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Genre: -- Action Fantasy Romance. Detail Level: -- Premise Detailed Complete.Email Address. They include prompts about the environment, artificial intelligence, genetics, medicine, time travel, space exploration, alien races, and alternative histories. The real value of any science fiction premise or concept, of course, is the way the author uses it to explore questions about society, humanity, and relationships.

I hope you liked these! Or maybe something on the list will inspire a completely different idea of your own! Would you like some more? My book 5, Writing Prompts has more science fiction writing prompts in addition to the ones on this list, plus hundreds of other master plots by genre, dialogue and character prompts, and much more. Great prompts! Hi, what a wonderful list! Thank you.

How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner

Thanks, Laurie! I like you list as well. Then the total number of characters in her post quickly appeared in her mind. She started to get up to get a bottle of water.

As she looked down pressed the keys to lock her computer screen, she quickly counted the pores on the back of her hand. What the heck is going on?

Is interesting. Outsourcing anything to other civilizations by means of games is a great idea. Well written and interesting! The only exception is that the trade of negative sensations was illegal, and sanctioned by the government. I love your ideas. But what if someone uses one of your story plots and publishes the book? Would you want credit?

sci fi fantasy plot generator

I have a good plot. Science fiction is not just about aliens, mermaids, time travel, and more. Here, you can also write about deep and philosophical stuff, and even tackle societal issues. For example, issues on technological advancement such as the possible takeover of robots and the impending destruction of the planet are commonly emphasized in numerous science fiction novels. These and all the other issues in the society today are tackled in length in science fiction because there is no better place to explore them than in this genre.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Follow This Blog and never miss a new post about writing, books, or positivity!Hello, friends! Last time, I shared 20 fantasy story ideas to get your brain moving. Do any of these short story ideas tickle your storytelling bones? Let us know in the comments.

Take fifteen minutes and develop one of these story ideas into at least one scene. Set your imagination free, then post your results in the comments. Building an Author Website.

To avoid war, our governments must engage a vastly marginalized portion of the human population: the hearing-impaired. Write from the perspective of a someone trying to keep his tropical fruit trees alive. Write from his perspective the first time he makes contact. What does it mean? Are they under attack? Write from the perspective of the teenaged alien who first figures it out. Take anything we find normal today shopping malls, infomercials, products to remove facial hair, etc.

Housecats are aliens who have succeeded in their plan to rule the world. Write the beginning of the essay. Write from the perspective of someone who chooses to go back in time, knowing they can never return.

Science Fiction Plot Generator

Where do they go and why? Write from the perspective of the tourist who accidentally turns one on. The remarkable San people of South Africa are widely considered the most ancient race of human beings on the planet. Write a story in which their unique genetic structure has been preserved by the thousands-of-years-ago creation of nanobots. Ten years from now, scientists figure out how to stop human aging and extend life indefinitely—but every time someone qualifies for that boost, someone else has to die to keep the surplus population in check.

Our planet was wrecked in the great Crisis ofand remaining human civilization survives only in a half dozen giant domed cities.

Plot Generator

Write a story from the perspective of an annoyed, minimum-wage employee whose job is traveling back in time to obtain otherwise unobtainable artifacts, then has to bring them back to the present the s, that is and artificially age them before they will sell.

Human genetic modification has gone too far, and the biggest trend for teenagers is to BECOME their favorite fictional character.Do you ever struggle for story ideas to write about? Do you want to write a short story but need some inspiration? This is the biggest story ideas list on the web! Browse over a thousand sci-fi, horror, and fantasy writing prompts. They can also be used for romance stories and other creative writing. You can also try my random story idea generators.

Once you find a good idea, remember to add new elements and make it your own. Give the protagonist a family member to care for, or have them meet someone new and fall in love. Want more writing prompts? Is five septillion enough? Check out Inspiration Overdose! The right story idea is the one that moves you. If you get emotionally involved in the story, your readers will, too. Good stories are about three things: character, conflict, and change. Readers want to experience a character going through a conflict, reaching a low point, and coming back stronger.

This kind of journey is universal, something everyone can relate to. It is also something that everyone wants. Everyone wants to believe that their own personal problems will work out for the best in the end.

Reading about characters going through conflict and emerging triumphantly gives us faith that we can do the same. Good writers are invariably good readers. Build a stack of short story collections, making sure to include a variety of styles, tones, and eras. This will provide you with hundreds of different plots, characters, and settings to spark your imagination with ideas for something new and unique. Picture galleries are another great source for story ideas.

What are they thinking about?Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo. The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names. Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

sci fi fantasy plot generator

Our first generator, Song Lyrics Generator was launched in as a student magazine project. After it proved popular, we expanded to include plots, and the project grew from there. We're proud to see work we've helped you create pop up on blogs and in fun projects.

We enjoy watching you read your creations on YouTube. We're currently developing a cool app based on our site. Masterpiece Generator. Plot Generator Inspiration for your next novel, film or short story Tweet. Looking for story ideas? We'll help you quickly draft a plot. Or, if you'd prefer, sit back and let us write a short movie script or story for you. Our aim is to inspire you to write your own stories, using common genres and themes. We'll help you set the scene then build characters, describe them, name them, and work out how they fit together in an interesting story.

We draft a compelling blurb to get you started. Quotes About Plot Generator "This is the best thing to exist ever. A little silly. It tried a few variations and got some very quirky results. It might be good for a little inspiration, as a writing exercise, or if you're bored.

We got a completely zany storyline that included robots poking each other. Contact: writer plot-generator.Generate your next creative writing prompt with this little tool. Are you in need of fiction writing ideas? Then simply click the big blue button and let the tool randomly generate some great story ideas for you. If luck is with you, it will even throw in a bonus assignment.

This tool is currently capable of generating 2. Check back frequently for new ideas. Do you need writing inspiration for your next book? This tool is a one-stop shop to get the creative juices flowing. Our writing prompt generator provides you with a genre, the length of your story, characters also try out our character name generatorquotes, props, and now and then it will even throw in a bonus assignment.

Writing prompts should be challenging. This film project takes place in many cities throughout the world and challenges storytellers to create a short film within two days. This short film needs to adhere to a number of writing prompts that all participants share. Hopefully you will have as much fun with the creative writing ideas this generator produces. Writing Prompt Generator Generate your next creative writing prompt with this little tool. Currently, the writing prompt generator provides the following ideas: Word count Writing genre Character type A prop to use A sentence A bonus assignment Writing prompts through our story idea generator Do you need writing inspiration for your next book?

Story prompts modeled after the 48 Hour Film Project Writing prompts should be challenging.Email Address. I get a lot of questions about how to plot a fantasy novel, so I thought this list of fantasy story ideas would come in handy.

Most of these are epic fantasy writing prompts, but depending on how you handle them, some of them could be used for paranormal romance, urban fantasy, or dark fantasy story ideas as well. I imagined them as long story ideas, but you might find inspiration for a short story, too.

sci fi fantasy plot generator

A writer could take any of these fantasy writing prompts and master plots in countless different directions. A few of these are rooted in history, fairy tales, or real-life occurrences. They could give you inspiration for a small detail in a novel or a whole story. Be sure to pin or bookmark the list for future reference!

sci fi fantasy plot generator

I hope you like the list! And if you want more inspiration, please check out my book 5, Writing Prompts! It has more fantasy writing prompts in addition to the ones on this list, plus hundreds of other master plots by genre, dialogue and character prompts, and much more. Thanks so much for reading, and happy writing!

Thanks for sharing, Bryn! As a kid, I was fascinated by it. Go ahead. Take any few minutes you have. Write on the train, in your coffee break, when the kids are having a nap, plot your story while walking the dog or at the gym. Just go ahead and do it. I just wrote a scene involving spontaneous human combustion the other day. Researching it was sure hair-raising and gruesome. Oh man, this almost sent me down a googling rabbit hole! There are some awesome prompts here!

Thank you! Hello ms. Author, I was looking for an idea for a trait and a plot for a story Ive re written 3 times, and then I saw It was pretty similar to my story In a way that only in my story, the music creates a road of some sort and guide the character somehow, I had some ither ideas, but this ine seemed more interesting.

So, I was wondering if maybe you can suggest a way that could be useful and just maybe, it sparks something in me. Some excellent ideas here! Thanks for this! Hi Bryn! Thanks for compiling this list. I really love it.