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Found this amazing list by max-villain thank you for the awesome prompts! See Part 1 and Part 2 for reference though not necessary to have read them. Pressing your fingers into your temples, you tried to mend the throbbing in your head as you groaned. All you could really do was sway lightly from side to side, every inch of muscle stiffening and burning as you moved.

You very carefully tried to remember things, starting simple with your name and daily life, up to the thing you remembered last. It took a few blinks until you could fully open your eyes, vision still blurry.

𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖓 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 — What We are in the Dark (Yandere Fae x Reader)

All you could make out was red and more red, making you decide you might not want to see at all. But when you finally regained the ability, you were met with even more disgust than your poor little mind could handle at that moment. Everything around you seemed to pulsate, red walls, red floor, a red bed you were on. You felt the disgust boil in your stomach, together with the immense pain, and you had to take a break after only that much moving around already.

Hanging your head, you took three deep breaths, trying to calm yourself. Finally, as your mind began to clear up, you realized your situation. The deal you had made. It all fitted to so perfectly to those corrupted two demons that had kidnapped you, and the more you tried to deny it, the less you were able to convince yourself. Simply, this must have been hell.

The Yakuza

Maybe it was just their lair, but for you - hell. And there you were, sitting on something that felt too alive for comfort, trying to still be in denial about what you had done. All of a sudden, you were torn from your thoughts, an opening appearing on the wall furthest from you. It was a disgusting sound as if two slippery bodies rubbed against each other, but it was enough for you to flinch and look up.

In came - and you were less than happy to see him - at least one of your captors, yawning before lifting one of his hands and baring his teeth. With a talon, he scratched out something stuck between the white in his mouth, eyes eerily focused on you while he did that. Are we not? Surprisingly, he was the first one to look away, head falling backwards as he laughed loudly. Those are all the people you love so much!Chapter lengths will be quite short for prompt updates.

Read it for what it's worth, at your discretion. I arrive at my estranged brother's house with barely any belongings besides the dufflebag full of clothes hanging from my shoulder. I've been told I won't need to bring much of anything to this humongous estate, and, staring up at the Victorian rooftop, it's no doubt this property is worth a fortune. Then again, that Isaac is filthy rich is no secret. He plays video games professionally and makes a killing.

I'm sour at the grim reminder not a drop of this money is going to help Mom or Dad - still in a coma from the accident a week ago - an accident I actively choose not to think about too much. Pretending as if he cared; he isn't fooling me. He doesn't have a compassionate bone in his body. He doesn't care about me at all, much less if our parents get better.

Isaac's still bitter at being kicked out seven years ago. When it happened, I was nine years old. I'd been so young ; I didn't understand what the fight was even about and it doesn't help my parents refused to talk about it every day since. Up until this instant, the gigantic hole in my life left by my brother leaving our family has remained untouched.

Now, a kind of unfamiliar panic takes hold of me; I'm going to be living with this so-called brother until further notice. Just when I think of running, the door opens and reveals the tall, dark figure that is my flesh and blood.

You've grown a bit. I can't understand it as a compulsive urge to look away takes hold of me - bringing my eyes to my feet within seconds. To look my own brother in the eye for two seconds seems to be too much, but what did I expect?

At twenty five, he looks like a completely different person than I last remember. Isaac has a wicked aura that overpowers mine.But my pride and joy is here. You wiped your running nose with a napkin.

Your brother just finished feeding you hot soup. Being sick was the worst. Brianan shouted back from the kitchen. Bear with it.

It was unfair. First of all it was not even your fault. When you readied yourself for a day of boredom, a soft knock reverberated in the small house. Brianan went to open the door. Would you like some? Brianan identified him as Art. He saw him around you a lot, not that he complained.

Art was a well-manered kid. Most even say that he was an actual angel. Brianan was one of those who believed in it.

Not only Art was pure and innocent, his looks even resembled an angel. He had smooth blond hair and matching honey-coloured irises. Rosy redness adorned his pale cheeks all the time. Whenever Brianan got close to the boy the scent of freshly washed clothing will waft off of him.

The scent was a reminder of blissful summer mornings. Brianan took the basket from Art. My sister is at home too. He frantically nodded his head up and down. The little boy clumsily tripped on the threshold in his journey to your room. Art knew his way around your house as he came here countless times.

He patted his cheeks nervously and tried to calm the wildfire spreading on his face. Brianan raised his brow as he watched the little boy pace infront of your door. Brianan opened the door for Art. Art saw you sitting with a damp towel on your head. Your cheeks were flushed due to your fever and your eyes were a bit hazy.

But your bright smile stayed plastered on your face. Come sit here. Art timidly step inside your room. He fiddled with his baggy shirt as he sat on the chair. Art swinged his legs back and forth. He licked his lips to get rid of the dryness. He seemed very troubled. I also thought something happened to you. You averted your gaze, playing with your bracelet unknowingly.You gripped your hand bag close to your side as the buss came to a halt, you walked up the few steps and found a seat in the back near the window, you placed your bag on your lap as the other passengers got on, a man about your age sitting next to you, his legs were in two different time zones as he leaned forward looking at his phone, while you just looked out the window.

You internally sighed thinking there we so many other spots on the bus why did he have to sit next to you. Still you started to sweep up all the dust, dirt and debber and was about to go under the bed when there was a knock on the door, you wonder who that could be. You looked through the peephole and a man who may have been a little older than you was waiting outside, whistling and looking at his watch while rocking back and forth on his heels.

He looked too young to be a landlord, or anyone who works here. He knocked again, you sighed and opened the door. You looked at you phone and sighed, 10 calls from your mom, 4 from your dad and 6 from your brother. Your eyes narrowed you deleted all the voice messages they left, and deleted their messages before plugging your phone in and turning off your lamp and snuggling up in your bed sheets. YOu went to your mom and dad that night on what happens, your mom took a drag of her cigarette not unlocking her eyes from the tv screen that was playing some soap opera.

YOu jolted out of bed putting a hand to your forehead, you were sweating bullets, god why did you have to think of that now, you got up slowly putting on your slippers and walking down the hall to the common area with your cup and filled it up taking a sip, when you looked over and saw someone raiding the fridge. Remember when you said you wanted to make a yandere game but you didn't know how to code? You can add YouTube videos and music as well.

It's pretty user-friendly without much coding experience! Maybe you might have some luck with it, but I don't know if it works for Mac. Just thought I'd pass the knowledge to you. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Remember when you said you wanted to make a yandere game but you didn't know how to code? Shigaraki: okay we need some burner phones for- Toga, pulling a bag out of nowhere: I gotchu.

UwU so cute,thank you. He need some milk. YesI am a very serious Yandere blog. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos.The Yakuza is a hypothetical character that will provide Ryoba Aishi with favors and assist her in eliminating her rivals in s Mode. He appears within the town in a dark alley. Note: Whether The Yakuza will be fully implemented into the game or not is undecided.

The Yakuza is a smartly dressed, serious looking adult man. He has slicked-back, long, black hair, matching eyes, and a goatee. He sports a red, white, and black tattooed sleeve on both arms.

A man with connections to Japan's criminal underground. His affiliations and methods are unknown, but he has a reputation for "making problems disappear" - for a price. He doesn't want to be paid in cash Instead of being featured as a character in the game's main story mode, the Yakuza would most likely be featured in "'s Mode", an alternate gameplay mode featuring Yandere-chan's mother, Ryoba, as the protagonist.

If Ryoba kidnaps some of her classmates and delivers their unconscious bodies to the Yakuza, he would be willing to eliminate one of Ryoba's rivals for her. Some rivals would be eliminated for cheap, but others would carry a heavy price. He is tight-lipped about the ultimate fates of his victims.

Does he assassinate them quickly and painlessly? Does he kidnap them and harvest their organs? Or does he do something even more sinister? He has no intention of revealing what happens to the students that he is supplied with.

His younger brother likely doesn't know that his brother is in the Yakuza and just thinks he's "cool". The Yakuza wishes for his brother to not live a life of crime and may only perform favors for the protagonist if she helps reform his brother, to ensure that his brother doesn't become like him.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?He has fair skin, silver eyes, and short silver hair. He has a strand of hair down the middle of his forehead. He wears a black and grey vest over a long-sleeved blue undershirt with a brown tie.

He wears dark brown dress shoes with red laces. He has a silver watch on his right hand. This fact was never hidden from him. As a result, his self-identity is based entirely on his relationship to Megami, and his sense of self-worth is derived by comparing himself to her. He is not content to exist as a "backup", and strives to surpass his sister.

However, his sister can outperform him in absolutely every way, which has caused him to develop an extreme inferiority complex. Kencho's father is aware that his son's rivalry towards his daughter is a potential problem, and so Kencho has been forbidden from attempting to interfere with Megami's life in any way.

Kencho desires his father's approval more than anything else, and so he has never meddled in Megami's life, not even once - but every day, he hopes that a terrible misfortune will befall her so that his life can have a purpose.

Kencho and Megami do not interact often, but when they do, Kencho is very discouraging and condescending toward his sister in an attempt to mask how she makes him feel. He is aware that his father wanted his firstborn to be a son rather than a daughter; this is his only "advantage" over Megami, and he gloats about it at every chance he gets.

His childish behavior rarely has an effect on Megami, but on rare occasions, his words can cut her deep. Most Saikou family members strive to be as honorable, respectable, and dignified as possible, but Kencho is unlike the rest of his clan.

Because he desperately wants to escape his feelings of inferiority and pursue the sensation of superiority, he takes every opportunity to flaunt his wealth and social status over anyone that he considers to be "beneath" him. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Kencho Saikou Info. Contents [ show ].

Add an image. Categories :. Megami Saikou 's brother, Junior high school student.It was misfortune after another for Epel since he entered the Night Raven College. Instead he was stuck in Pomefiore.

What others saw him as were far from cool. To top it all, you out of all people saw him as frail. Epel tried to prove that he is masculine. He showed you his test results, his magic, his skills, everything. Yet you always brushed him away with that damned title. Yet, that was all you saw him as. A weak, little freshman.

He could bear with other people underestimating him, but your behaviour only irritated him. But something about you bewitched him like no other. He wanted to be closer with you. He needed to be closer to you. So, he played along your delusion. Epel acted like your sweet and caring little brother.

yandere brother x reader

Being all submissive and obedient. Epel could cling to you without being suspicious, feeling your warm embrace.

yandere brother x reader

He would have you doting on him. Although he enjoyed all of that it was the time you start to see him as a man. Not as a fragile doll.

yandere brother x reader

Epel cut the apples in cute bunnies. He was waiting for the apple pie to bake properly. Occasionally taking a glance at the oven, he stirred a purple substance.

Everything would be perfect after this, he had to make sure of it. Epel worked hard for this. But it was lacking something rather important. After setting the pie down, he took the glass containing a liquid. The translucent substance was bright violet. He was doing this for you. This was what you needed. Getting a sharp cutlery, Epel cut a slice out of the pie.

Cautiously he poured his home-made poison on it. He knew how much he should put. Afterall, Pomefiore students excelled in poisons. With pieces of apples he decorated the plate. His bittersweet smile melted in to a joyful one. There was no going back at this point. Poison laced pie inhand Epel roamed the endless halls of Night Raven College.





Es ist schade, dass ich mich jetzt nicht aussprechen kann - es gibt keine freie Zeit. Aber ich werde befreit werden - unbedingt werde ich schreiben dass ich denke.